Monday, September 29, 2008

Layered Ham and Cheese Bake

To complete this tasty meal, accompany the bake with a stir-fry of vegetables such as snow peas, sliced onions, sliced carrots, pepper strips and celery sticks. Recipe serves 4.


4 eggs
2/3 cup milk
8 slices wholemeal bread, cut into quarters
4 ounces (125 g) leg ham, chopped
4 tablespoons finely chopped red pepper
6 spring onions, chopped
1 cup grated tasty cheese


1. Place eggs and milk in a mixing bowl and whisk until combined. Brush bread with egg mixture. Combine ham, red pepper and spring onions.
2. Place 4 slices of bread into a lightly greased ovenproof dish, top with half the ham mixture and sprinkle with half the cheese. Repeat layers with remaining ingredients. Pour over any remaining egg mixture and bake at 400 degrees F (200 degrees C) for 30 minutes or until firm and top is golden brown.

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